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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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i'm sure life in the russian capital is all t. top stories now in moscow warns it will pull out of the start treaty and stop nuclear disarmament if the u.s. continues to deploy its missile defense shield in europe doesn't it also says russia could deploy an anti missile system on its own borders. thousands vent their anger at egypt's military rulers would protest to stay put in the heart of current saying the army's concessions are not enough the military council says a presidential election will be held by next summer but people want them to go right now. add a murder mystery sky saga with
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a pinch of global politics five years on the unsold killing of russian former security agent alexander litvinenko continues to muddy relations between moscow and the london. with more details for more news in less than fifteen minutes from now the meantime we talk to a politician from austria's far right unhappy with the e.u.'s immigration policies and expansion plans and says they'll mean the end for the vision of a single europe special interview next. the far right freedom party leads polls austria's general election its leader has penned a rock saying islam is on the rise mr struck out why austrians so concerned about islam. this is an area where there are too many thorny issues the european crisis is our main problem and we also face problems in our migration policy this largely
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considers migration from even countries such as turkey more than fifty percent of turkish immigrants don't want to integrate into north korean society they don't want to learn the language and organize parallel and opposing structures the activities of radical islamists have become visible in our society they hinder its your peaceful and democratic development in this sense we are certainly a political force that comes out against any such radicalization if you states refused to work with your policy when it was in power five years ago what will be different this time because. i think that europe is living through a turning point in its development because just as the whole world is getting through a turning point and a period of democratization i assume that the forthcoming elections in europe not only in austria a lot also in france with belgium italy and germany will cause a wave of wrath and pressure people are going to give vent to their rage on longstanding parties polling stations that will lead to political changes since we
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are well prepared from this side to european governments which take these elections seriously and respect that result unlike in the middle east where the authorities try to deter democratic transformation by imposing restrictions in with the help of other nations which are out of line with the principles of democracy so i was with the thing that woke up to. the president of australia islamic community says i have a vision where every town in austria has a mosque what's your response to that as i've been misled us. we also need to proclaim that we respect islam because islam is a world religion unfortunately it has emerged inside radicalism radical. islam is like we deny radicalism in any religion including islam it's true of any other religion whereas radicalism we are against it in europe as a western christian land it's a fact that when they come to us as guests they can easily hold their rituals they don't need minarets one was ins they can pray herron religious freedom is guaranteed to them like islamic countries where we are christians often discover
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that we don't enjoy this kind of freedom that christians are persecuted and for didn't build churches that is why we see manifestations of intolerance to christianity in some countries of the islamic world what i mean is that we should make it clear to them that tolerance should be two sided and that both sides should observe each other's rights today we are witnessing radical islamist trends which are not perceived as a religion but as a political order several months ago the turkish prime minister announced his intention to headers on the union which so to speak brushed aside all other aggressive he wants to have a decisive voice in the sphere of the world dominance he wants to divide which are illiterate statement provides a more than convincing proof of his intentions but i think the europeans should wake up become more sensitive and more conscious of our culture there's also concerns the preservation of european focal ciar we need to do that so as not to disappear politically and have a graphically so that the loss of values doesn't lead to thank police cells gratian
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this is exactly what i'm trying to revive in europe what did the freedom party create a video game where you can shoot down and muslims this is still out there i did not support this game but i willingly made statements in public about it they are not to my liking for one should stick to the truth it's not like playing war as many mistakenly think this game has been played in switzerland for many years and it's fully legal action a body shot and on the contrary by pressing the delete button the census records a correct floor tendencies like mosques and it's not a wall there are no swastikas no weapons that's what helps eradicate the full tendencies and of course it can't be interpreted as a. should turkey be allowed to join the european union as a spectator. i respect and turkey's a fantastic country proud country and live untasted culture with fantastic economic success also which inspires respect and we respect to his accomplishments it's
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often every turkish man might just live in proud of his country of just as we have proud of our country for turkey is not a target and it does not belong there graphically or historically or culturally and i want europe to stay within its borders i do not want to see or put spending going through the non european countries which will turn europe into europe in asian african information it would mean the end of europe and it would mean an end to the european idea of peace and socially else all. freedoms also predict that the president of france has banned the muslim face veil the burka which you become president of austria would you go further to paint the first look at the articles as i would strongly support a ban of disguising a person's appearance but not by first to mean the full color red apply face where it's not about certain people but about the fact that people should not hide or face and that you could see and represent everyone in our society and also we don't
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explain legislation like this one in effect until the so many years it's science and public schools and for universities and civil service in other words for the officials there is a more privileged somewhere in the headscarf because it's not needed in such places and everyone is free to do whatever one wants in their own leisure trial but people arriving at work culture have to integrate adapt to our conditions and observe our laws and we expect it from people who do not want to and not force to come and the not obliged to stay at the top of the of the up us little you believe greece isn't right for the euro what about other struggling economies like portugal is a. europe is not a balanced block and that's the problem with the e.u. has to. and he was trying to manage everything in central and centralized way taking everything in its hands and to speak this is the wrong way to go about it there are different national economies in europe different speeds europe is more than the year there are many countries which do not belong. that's why we should
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reject centralism and stick to more federalism and should strengthen our national parliaments regionalization and federalization also we should sort out the problems with a common occurrence in the fall we face a great fall which will have an impact on ever regular pin nation at the moment the tired and flawed systems have that changed there's been no change and banking system has been speculation and there has been no procedure for a bank goes bankrupt like letting loose to prop up a failed system with tax payers money they help a system which may end up imploding with hyperinflation and eventually they put an end to the order of life in european nations nobody thinks about it and that's why we need to rethink the system and think it's wise and right for the strong national economies to leave the euro zone and return to their currencies or maybe strong national economy to create a new strong currency not the super euro interval they call it but a currency that will see europe have to get
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a europe which will not get dragged down by misfortune with the two causes that given the setting that city. you won't rule out italy's self tirol region becoming part of austria why ensuite there or in south tierra we have a sort of autonomy for which we had to make a big effort today to rule does not have the right to self-determination in the they speak a lot about the right to self-determination but in fact you can see that inside the you it's not all that applied i think the south to rowland's would be able to obtain the right to self-determination sooner or later but at present they're probably at different stages and developing in the direction of becoming a failed state and then when they probably become a free state they will be able to use the right of self-determination and decide if they want to not have to stay inside italy and to austria it's legal we all belong to one and the same about the noon so there must be no problem that. we still have such. and i think it's an absolutely positive step and it must be
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a possibility to support it like the regional interests of the northern league they actively support the desire for autonomy of regions which are not even italian that's why we do not contradict on the contrary the position of the federal political party is the same and many officials will cycle. and journeys the length of life. the desire for the best of things. that drowns out our inner mother. the story of one man who returns whom after years of alienation. making moms
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pass on to our kids. on. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the bolts saying they have to. leave essentials a good chance to chances to get good grades the status of the human experiments kids sleeping with the weakest you approach this rap music in which it knows the business be trying to make sense of global economy and it's all changed things as financial tips ease of the responsibility to maintain our confidence in long kids and taking on wants to be easing trade imbalances recession look to the nation's close to collapsing a subprime loan foreclosed homes. to fail circlet banks again feeling like it is a us crash and seven in smashed killing teams is close to finishing up in streaks
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the ice box trail just programs increase that's what economists. use today. once again flared up. these are the images we're seeing from the streets of kandahar. operations around the day. the best is the compliment and mobile home is told me oh creation of the food system the global food system does not teach kids to feed the people of the world
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is created to maximize the profits for. sure not trading the actual cash physical brain trading promises for the brain to be delivered a month or six months or twelve months or eighteen months in the future. stories of modern regulators silver or gold that can be negotiated and afforded to some degree in. some places. water. possibly it's not traded now. but it could be in the future of.
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news. in the. news this is. just some. sleep. wealthy british style sun. times.
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market trying to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our. top stories this hour nazi moscow warns it will pull out of the start treaty and stop nuclear disarmament if the u.s. continues to deploy its missile defense shield in europe the president of also says russia could deploy anti missile system on its own borders. thousands but that anger at egypt's military rulers with protesters staying in the heart of caro's saying the concessions are not enough men for counsel says a presidential election will be held by next summer the people want them to go right now. and a murder mystery spy saga with a pinch of global politics five years on the unsolved killing of russian security agent alexander litvinenko continues to muddy relations between moscow and london.
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unions here now with all the latest sports news and i'll be back with more news from fifteen minutes from now. thanks for joining us this is sports day we have got plenty ahead over the next ten minutes or so including the full. summit inside victory for sydney tonight against the well we'll see the same petersburg side move of their champions league group on well on the way to making love history. express delivers roger federer goes to china and russia feeling jealous of his place in the last four of the a.t.t. world terrific. chinese unwelcome off three year
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wait the world cup all the gold with european nations aiming to keep their hands on the trophy for a seventh straight. let's get the ball rolling with football where a potentially historic evening lies ahead first in need some petersburg victory over up well at home would see the russian champions all but a european cup play off place for the first ever time the clash patrolled ski stadium bringing together the top two sides in group she surprised leadership well know though if they win themselves they will be playing last sixteen football for the first time to the cypriots are on beaten in a competition on one their first meeting against man two one in nicosia but the subzero temperatures up north are conditions that mediterranean. played into that. it will be a different game from the one that we are used to playing with would have to get inside beginning responses most will be equal. to play in one game.
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against the pro will be in our minds. you know all the players. they have a good team maybe the first game of the world and so. i don't so you know the rest of me to burn but we will know them well it's not another surprise for them undoubtedly though the tastiest tie of the evening occurs after the san siro where milan will host champions league holders barcelona both sides already qualified from group h. but expect a fiery encounter in italy the teams are so far and beaten this year there's also that part of the table place at stake as well. elsewhere in each group portugal willing to keep their slim hopes of a playoff berth intact i can still will it shock chelsea can further stretch their founders at the top of the one they have this entire leverkusen could still yet for
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five but not speak yank it's all very tight in group bath but anything other than defeat for arsenal and more say will make them big favorites to make the last sixteen while there's a europa league spot up for grabs from. victoria place and meet in belarus. the most powerful man in world football has once again defended himself against charges of racism he made for president sepp blatter last week said racist abuse does not exist on the pitch a statement he has since apologized for i have made my apologies i cannot say more and if somebody is thinking that will still think you did them racist sorry to say did you know approximately thirty seven years in people in this town people good can operate can be had there is no discrimination in my in my feeling there is no racism nothing at all and these. is over and over.
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tennis now roger federer has booked a place in the last four of the a.t.p. world tour finals in london after quite incredibly rushing his old nemesis and world number two rafael nadal in straight sets this swiss who is currently world number four needing just over an hour to beat the spaniard federer taking the opener at six three and he certainly didn't win around either in the second set claiming it's six to love for the merge. meets the beat to wilfred song on thursday to join federer in the so. i place where both tonight and in the record it all go happens very quickly as you saw. me it was an exciting match to play. through excited after some tough loss in miami this year and a close one in the grid i was able to turn it around. but there dollars next the point unsolder and his first win of the tournament beating american mardy fish his second boothby much longer claiming you said i prayed before rushing facia in the
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second set by six games to one. basketball were set in moscow will aim to stretch their perfect record in the europa league to sixteen's tonight the army men who think a team they've only lost to twice during the past dozen years quite a record the. colonists haven't been having the greatest of seasons on the continent winning just one of their five matches to see a glimmer of hope for the list any inside the will be the absence of former n.b.a. star. he is with injury so yes his biggest challenge is for domestic glory of late or also in european jewry tonight not to possibly c.n.a. the squad standing between the tatarstan men and when the number. twenty eight nations and only one world cup trophy in china as the best call first from around the globe come together to represent their countries their mission hills tournaments seeing defending. champions it's really seek to hold onto the title
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they won in two thousand and nine eduardo are french cesco molinari jewel who wanted for team italy last time to cause the eight winners swedes henrik stenson of robert carlsen it you who finished runners are no aren't all still tied for second overall after the campaign but major champions greenock all of the rory mcilroy have britney improved their games since then the tournament is now held every two years having previously hit the greens every year since nineteen fifty. moving to formula one where flipper mass is set to reach a century of races for ferrari or the last grand prix of the season in sao paulo it will make the brazilian only the third man in the history of the sport to achieve the mark and he will sit alongside such greats as michael schumacher and rubens barrichello when he does i always dreamed. even when i was
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a key you know and then when i was the injured in the road it was a dream come true and so that's why he's so special you know to be part of the family. because for him to be. one of the drivers who drove for these for. now finally does something you don't see every day professional athletes are living proof that the human body can do amazing things thanks to years of hard training of course but the following twelve year old power left her house gotten quite a head start on her peers as evens of course records. well most children's bodies are not ready to lift heavy weights until they reach their teens that is clearly not the case with marianna now moving to moscow region native not afraid to throw a few extra plates on her back said in a world record among teens by lifting one and
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a half times her weight that despite her not even being a teenager no more can boast a personal best bench pressing effort of seventy five kilograms certainly proving looks can be deceiving incredible progress for someone who has just started doing that particular lift two years ago no more but then he had the sixty kilogram mark until december two thousand and ten when she did it became a world record amongst girls under fourteen lifting sixty two point five kilos this past february also gave her legendary status in ukraine now were recognized as the youngest ever to live that much in the country aged eleven years seven months and twenty four days and it was only a matter of time before she could add more kilos to push off the chest the russian got to start doing aerobics as she was five years old which will be no surprise to anyone who has seen a warm up before setting a total of nine world records marianna spa there alexander no stranger to pump and
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iron them self he emphasizes proper fundamentals and training regimes for star daughter the second generation powerlifting wonder has already started to inspire others eight year old elizabeth to meall of deciding to also take up weights after seeing now with a success these really native also taking small steps to success lifting twenty five kilograms for now so an extraordinary up and coming russian athlete moving up the ranks it would take a brave punter to bet against seen marianna in future olympic games and on top of the weightlifting podium avanza gorski arche. thank credible stuff now that is all your sport if you would like to see some more though why not log on to youtube dot com for slash our team sport news will find plenty there to keep you busy for hours but as i say that's it for.
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well for the. science technology innovation called the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered.
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all. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the wall street center play at. least in chance a good chance to choose says it's a good book except the status of the human experiments gets split will. focus on this one you support it goes to the movies allegedly trying to censor local economies and it's on changelings us financial temple to be linked to maintain
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a confidence in markets and economic wants to be seen trade imbalances recession look keep the nations close to collapsing of supply clone foreclosed homes. some failed aaa banks again feelable i think is the us crash and imminent smashed ceiling is like ultimate justice in athens the i.m.f. spokesman just programs increase the total economy.


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